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Boeing Just Fired Its CEO

By Keith Cowing
December 23, 2019
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Boeing Just Fired Its CEO

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is out after disastrous year, CNN
“A spacecraft the company is building to ferry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station also malfunctioned last week during its first-ever trip to space. The uncrewed test flight, which came after years of delays and setbacks, was intended to be the final major test before it was finally ready to fly humans. The company has also been roundly criticized by federal oversight officials over billion-dollar cost overruns and missed deadlines with another NASA contract: to build the Space Launch System, a massive rocket that the space agency wants to use to return humans to the moon. Boeing still has a strong balance sheet, and its stock is up marginally this year despite all of its setbacks. But questions about the company’s leadership grew louder as the company’s missteps added up.”
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