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Boeing's Headaches Continue

By Keith Cowing
November 19, 2004

19 November 2004: Boeing Chiefs Knew of Insider Data, Lockheed Says, Washington Post

“Citing unreleased documents, Lockheed Martin Corp. alleged in a court filing that former Air Force official Darleen A. Druyun shared with senior Boeing Co. officials proprietary Lockheed information during a 1990s rocket launch competition.”

17 November 2004: Lawyers Probe Handling of Boeing Contract, AP

“Lockheed Martin lawyers want to know if a former top Air Force official, recently sentenced to prison, played a role in the awarding of a space-launch services contract that Lockheed claims was tainted by the misuse of trade secrets by a competitor, the Boeing Co.”

16 November 2004: Guilty plea in Boeing hiring scandal, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“With Druyun and Sears providing information, prosecutors “will be off to the races,” [Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center] said, adding that Druyun and Sears will be used to look “up, not down” the ranks of the company and Pentagon. At the very least, Sears will help investigators learn “who knows” specific information within the organizations.”

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