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Bolden: "Private enterprise talks while NASA acts"

By Keith Cowing
May 12, 2014
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Just Asking: Charles Bolden, NASA administrator
Space exploration is becoming more of a private enterprise. Is that a good thing?
“I don’t think space exploration is becoming more of a private enterprise. That’s where we want it to go, but today there hasn’t been a private enterprise go to Mars or go to the moon. Private enterprise talks while NASA acts. And that’s not meant to sound like an arrogant statement, but we’re trying to help people realize dreams, and we’re trying to help private enterprise and entrepreneurs realize their dreams of doing the stuff that up until now only nations have done. The problem that private enterprise finds is that it’s hard.”
Keith’s note: Huh? What happened to everything Bolden has said prior to this about the value of the private sector? Do we now ignore all of the pro-private sector speeches and reports from NASA? “Private enterprise talks while NASA acts”? Really? Does NASA have a way to send cargo to the ISS without use of a commercial vendor? Who is closer to sending crews into space? Certainly not NASA. Seems to me that the private sector is way out ahead of NASA – at a cost that is a fraction of what it would have cost NASA to do the exact same thing.
Keith’s update: On the heels of these anti-private sector remarks NASA has released a video wherein Charlie Bolden sings the praises of the private sector. Go figure. NASA wants it both ways, it would seem.

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