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Civilian Space Travel is Real – Get used to it, NASA

By Keith Cowing
October 4, 2004

3 October 2004: 2nd SpaceShipOne Launch is GO for October 4th

“The X PRIZE has just received official notice from Burt Rutan that SpaceShipOne’s second flight (X2) will take place Monday morning, October 4th.”

3 October 2004: Can Do Private Space Companies Set Tone for Future Spaceflight, SpaceRef

“In a time where America finds itself rebuilding its public manned space program after the Columbia tragedy and trying to build on the presidents new vision for space exploration, can do private space companies are helping to set the tone for future spaceflight.”

3 October 2004: Burt provides some preliminary information about the rolling motions seen on the First X-Prize Flight

3 October 2004: Canadian Ansari X PRIZE Team Receives Government Approval to launch into Space

“The Golden Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project announced today that it has received full authorization approval from the Canadian government to launch its manned flights to space.” “This is a major step toward our upcoming flights. Our team and Canada is on the forefront of putting the 2nd private manned spacecraft in the world into space”, said Brian Feeney. The manned launch approval is for planned flights to space that will be conducted from Kindersley, Saskatchewan.”

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