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Commercial Space Supporters Respond

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 23, 2010
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Open Letter To Congress On Commercial Space
“We, the undersigned space leaders, are strong supporters of human spaceflight. We are writing to urge you to both (1) fully fund the commercial crew to Space Station program proposed in the President’s FY2011 budget request for NASA, and (2) accelerate the pace and funding of NASA’s human space exploration projects beyond Earth orbit.”
Letter: Commercial rockets are ‘fundamental’ to space exploration, Orlando Sentinel
“The war of words over President Barack Obama’s new plan for NASA continued this week when more than 50 ex-astronauts, aerospace businessmen and scientists signed a letter supporting his proposal to replace the space shuttle with commercial rockets.”
Boost NASA funding, space advocates demand, Florida Today
“The letter urged lawmakers to keep the $6 billion increase that Obama proposed for commercial spaceflight — and to “accelerate the pace and funding of NASA’s human space exploration projects beyond Earth orbit.” “These twin pillars of human spaceflight are each crucial to the long-term health of our nation’s space program,” the letter read.”
More Than 50 Astronauts, Scientists, and Industry Leaders Urge Congress to Fully Fund Commercial Crew, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
“The Commercial Spaceflight Federation welcomes the support of more than 50 former NASA astronauts, scientists, and industry CEOs and leaders who sent a letter to Congress yesterday urging full funding of Commercial Crew and full support for NASA-led human space exploration beyond Earth orbit.”

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