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Crowdsourcing Product Ideas Using NASA Patents

By Keith Cowing
October 24, 2013
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‘Anti-Troll’ Marblar Unites NASA Patents, Samsung to Crowdsource New Products, ABC
“What do water filters, memory foam and invisible braces have in common? All those everyday products’ origins can be found in NASA technology, and the new crowdsourcing website Marblar is taking advantage of that to find the next big thing. The site Wednesday announced that several hundred patents from NASA and other organizations would be available for its users to play with. Marblar CEO Daniel Perez said that although many companies’ research and development departments spend millions of dollars on such patents, more than 95 percent of them sit unused.”
NASA Engages the Public to Discover New Uses for Out-of-this-World Technologies
“NASA has joined forces with the product development startup Marblar for a pilot program allowing the public to crowdsource product ideas for forty of NASA’s patents. This initiative will allow Marblar’s online community to use a portion of NASA’s diverse portfolio of patented technologies as the basis of new product ideas.”

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