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Doing Business In The Real World

By Keith Cowing
June 22, 2005

Mike Griffin Reveals His Commercialization Vision for NASA: Part 2

“Following his remarks, Griffin took questions from the audience.”

Mike Griffin Reveals His Commercialization Vision for NASA: Part 1, SpaceRef

“NASA will start doing business the way the rest of the world does, if Mike Griffin has his way. Griffin addressed a sold out breakfast sponsored by the Space Transportation Association Tuesday morning in Washington, DC. The audience was a typical mixture of commercial representatives, members of Congress and their staff, space media, and NASA personnel.”

Editor’s note: How Griffin’s StratComm/PAO folks can sit by as he rolls out this many juicy – and cogent – policy gems and underlying philosophies – and not have an accompanying press release, talking points, or verbatim transcript – utterly escapes me. Expecting the media to get his message out – intact and in context – is not a wise tactic to take.

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