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Falcon 1 Launch Scrubbed

By Keith Cowing
December 19, 2005

Editor’s note: 2:25 pm EST A structural issue in the first stage fuel tank has arisen and the launch is off until at least next month.

Editor’s note: 2:00 pm EST Launch window has opened – still in a 15 minute hold due to weather. When countdown resumes there are 15 minutes of additional procedures remaining – pulling back the strong back, vehicle self alignment and check, etc.

Editor’s note: 1:52 pm EST 5 minutes into a 15 minute hold. Winds at 27 knots. Close to full on fuel.

Historic SpaceX Launch Set for December 19: The World’s Lowest Cost Rocket to Orbit

“On Monday, December 19 at 11 a.m. PST (7 p.m. GMT), the Falcon 1 rocket will begin its journey to orbit, accelerating to 17,000 mph (25 times the speed of sound) in less than ten minutes.”

Experts say low-cost rockets could democratize space access, Torrance Daily Breeze

“I asked Boeing why they’re not working on this and they said, ‘If it succeeds, we’ll just buy them,’ ” the source said.

SpaceX plans Monday launch: Takeoff couldn’t come during a worse time for Boeing, Decatur Daily

“California-based Boeing spokesman Dan Beck said SpaceX’s planned launch will not affect Boeing. “We wish them the best as they try to enter this difficult market,” Beck said.”

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