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First Mate: LauncherOne Rocket and Cosmic Girl 747

By Marc Boucher
October 26, 2018
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First Mate: LauncherOne Rocket and Cosmic Girl 747

First Mate: Virgin Takes Step Forward with First Mating of LauncherOne Rocket and Cosmic Girl 747, Virgin Orbit
Today at Long Beach Airport stands a 747 aircraft with a rocket under its wing. For the first time ever, Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket has been integrated with its carrier aircraft, marking a major milestone on the path to the innovative small satellite launch service’s first space shot. The successful operation capped off a banner day of firsts on Wednesday for the company at its Long Beach, Calif. base.
Marc’s note: As NASA has a contract with Virgin Orbit this is good news. There soon should be another option to launch small satellites.

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