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Flip Flopping by Nelson on COTS-D?

By Keith Cowing
May 28, 2009

Is Sen. Bill Nelson flip-flopping on NASA’s COTS-D space program?
“… Well, in case you assume that this exchange means that Sen. Nelson has become a champion of COTS D as a possible way to generate more Space Coast jobs and help fill the gap between the end of the space shuttle program next year and whenever the next rocket program is ready, think again. In comments to several space boosters over the last two days, Nelson has made it clear that he is not necessarily supporting COTS D. Here is what he told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday during a visit to Kennedy Space Center: “Whatever you heard, I want to make sure you understand I wasn’t specifically pushing COTS D. What I was pushing was launch complex 36 [at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station]. … COTS D first off is a human-rated program and that has not been sanctioned by NASA yet.”

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