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More Double Talk From Mike Griffin

By Keith Cowing
February 13, 2013
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Former NASA administrator Mike Griffin throws cold water on commercial space market, then offers solution, Huntsville Times
“Griffin, a persistent critic of President Obama’s space program, said the current system consists of companies such as SpaceX operating with “government as their venture capitalist.”
For NASA Administrator, This Mission Is a Tad Personal, Washington Post (2009)
“Griffin’s press secretary, David Mould, told the Associated Press that Griffin isn’t campaigning and expects the incoming president to name a new administrator. But Griffin would be “honored” to be asked to stay on, Mould said. “A lot of people seem to like and support Mike and think he’s doing a good job,” he said.”
Keith’s note: Why would Mike Griffin be “honored” to have been Obama’s choice if he is so against what President Obama is doing i.e. continuing – and expanding upon – the pro-commercial (pro-business) space policies started under the Bush II Administration? Indeed, Mike Griffin personally signed a number of these agreements. Baffling.

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