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NASA Challenges CASIS To Honor Agreement and Perform (Update)

By Keith Cowing
April 18, 2012
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Keith’s note: In today’s media telecon with NASA Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati and Chief Technologist Mason Peck, Abdalati mentioned a letter that had been sent to CASIS wherein NASA “challenged CASIS to demonstrate how they will honor their cooperative agreement with NASA” and that asked them to “drum up 3 partners or investigations by the end of the year”. I have requested a copy of the correspondence between NASA and CASIS.
Hearing Notes: Charles Bolden Testifies on NASA’s FY 2013 Budget (22 March 2012)
“Rep. Wolf suggested that NASA needs to look at CASIS carefully saying “if they are not with it in 30-45 days we should pull it and give it to NSF”. Bolden replied that a letter was being sent to CASIS to remind them of their milestones and “if they they do not meet milestones we will find another way”.”
Keith’s update: Through the persistence of space journalist Irene Klotz, NASA has released these letters:
Letter from NASA to CASIS regarding Notification of Actions Following Dr. Becker’s Resignation
“Moreover, the functions identified in the Cooperative Agreement and the milestones in the Annual Program Plan (APP) are critical given the limited amount of time remaining to do research on the International Space Station (ISS). NASA would like assurances from the Board that CASIS will be able to meet the milestones in the APP. The agency also requests the interim board explain in writing how these milestones will be met.”
Letter from CASIS to NASA: Response regarding Notification of Actions Following Dr. Becker’s Resignation
“The following are key elements of performance that we will report on at the end of the initial first two quarters of operation. In general, they represent progress on the key goals of facing the market, finding new customers for the ISS, and standing up the organization to service existing and new markets:”
Letter from NASA to CASIS Regarding 2012 Annual Program Plan
“We are evaluating your response and will get back to you with a formal NASA position.”

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