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NASA CTO's Stealth Online Partnering Tool

By Keith Cowing
November 30, 2010
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“Welcome to NASA’s On-line Partnering Tool! This application has been designed specifically to help you align your top interests with NASA’s most appropriate experts. As the interactive tool walks you through the path to partnership, you will be asked to identify your specialized areas of interest. If you don’t see an exact match please mark “other” and add additional details in the text box. Once you complete the tool’s questions, your information will be submitted directly to NASA. An introductory email will be sent on your behalf to the NASA locations which are expert in your fields of interest.”
Keith’s note: I am still baffled as to why NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun’s Office is so utterly incapable of issuing press releases and other advisories about interesting things such as this On-line Partnering Tool. There’s more to good PR than a Twitter post a week and a half ago, Bobby.

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