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Selling a Space Station That Takes Too Long To Use

By Keith Cowing
May 9, 2012
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‘Made in Space’: Coming soon to a product near you, Reuters
“Uhran notes that the timescale of a typical [Space station] research project is three to five years, which doesn’t easily mesh with corporate priorities like reaching sales or profit targets for the next quarter, or even the next year.”
Keith’s note: So … what do Mark Uhran and his colleagues do about this issue (by no means a new one)? They simply repeat it again and again as if it were an absolute, immutable fact of life at NASA and that there is nothing that NASA can (or will) do to change it. And then they wonder why there is not more interest in the commercial use of the ISS. Baffling. If the time lag is too long for commercial interests then obviously NASA needs to shorten it. Is CASIS the black box within which that miracle is supposed to happen? This commercially naive mindset at NASA is an ongoing example of the strange approach that Uhran et al took back in the 1990s with regard to finding users for the space station i.e. “build it and they will come”. Yes they actually used that phrase. So did I when I worked there.
OK, Mark: you’ve built it – so where is everyone?

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