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SpaceX Cleared In $3.5 Billion Zuma Failure

By Keith Cowing
April 9, 2018
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SpaceX Cleared In $3.5 Billion Zuma Failure

SpaceX not to blame for lost mystery satellite, report says, Cnet
“A super secretive US government satellite SpaceX launched in January never made it to orbit after it failed to separate from the upper stage of a Falcon 9 rocket. Three months later, it still appears the satellite manufacturer Northrop Grumman may be to blame for the loss and not SpaceX. A new report from The Wall Street Journal published late Sunday says two teams of investigators have found that a payload adapter, which was modified by Northrop Grumman to accommodate the reportedly sensitive spy satellite, is the culprit behind the loss of the $3.5 billion craft.”
Zuma Update: SpaceX Exonerated by USAF, earlier Post

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