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They're Ba-ack

By Keith Cowing
October 8, 2004

Dan Tam Appointed as Kistler Aerospace Chief Financial Officer

“[Tam] was Deputy Program Manager of the International Space Station Program, where he was responsible for all business requirements and performance. He also served as Assistant to the NASA Administrator, leading the Agency effort to increase and accelerate the commercial uses and applications of high-leveraged and high-priced national assets.”

Editor’s note: Let us not forget Dan Tam’s other notable achievements while at NASA: Dreamtime and multi-billion dollar ISS cost overruns. Meanwhile, word has it that Dan Goldin has also been advising Kistler (and JAXA as well along with Sam Veneri, Dan Mulville, and Jeff Lawrence). This must be a hobby for Mr. Goldin. He certainly doesn’t need the money -after Boston University paid him &1.7 million not to show up for work.

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