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Whiplash: Mike Griffin's Ever Changing Commercial Space Stance

By Keith Cowing
December 13, 2011
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Paul Allen Announces Revolution in Space Transportation Stratolaunch System
“Former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, also a Stratolaunch board member, joined Allen and Rutan at a press conference in Seattle to announce the project. “We believe this technology has the potential to someday make spaceflight routine by removing many of the constraints associated with ground launched rockets,” Griffin said. “Our system will also provide the flexibility to launch from a large variety of locations.”
Keith’s note: This is confusing: Mike Griffin was for commercial space – before he was against it – but he is now also for it? Is he still against it under some circumstances – but not others? I can’t wait to hear him testify about all of this before Congress … Alas, it would seem that the core of this activity seems to involve Mike Griffin and the former Ares 1 management team now employed at Dynetics (with X-33, X-34 experience as well).
Oh yes: Someone with a calIer ID Dynetics 1-256-665-4236 called me very early this morning – after midnight (12:53 am EST) but did not leave a message. I called that number back today but got no answer – just voicemail. Later, someone who identified himself as “Jim Hall” (I think that is what he mumbled) calling from that same number called me after 11 pm tonight and said that he had no recollection of calling me earlier. C’mon guys. This is amateur hour. Prank calls?

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