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Yet Another Space Poll Says What Other Space Polls Always Say

By Keith Cowing
October 19, 2017
Yet Another Space Poll Says What Other Space Polls Always Say

Survey: Americans Support Entrepreneurs in Space But Want Improvements on Earth, Brodeur Partners
“The new poll of more than 600 Americans’ attitudes toward business in space was conducted earlier this month by the Brodeur Partners’ Space Group. The new survey found that Americans:
– Still see national security as the top space activity;
– At the same time, they support private sector activity in space;
– However, they want some degree of government regulation, especially privacy protection;
– And they expect space development to directly benefit Earth; and
– Think the U.S. is a leader, if not the leader, in space technology.
“Americans still view space technology through the old lens of defense and national security,” said Jerry Johnson, a partner at Brodeur Partners and author of the study. “But we also found that there is support for commercial activity in space, even government funding for that activity, if those businesses are reasonably regulated and can demonstrate benefits on Earth.”

Keith’s note: Once or twice a year someone does a space poll that says the same things that all of these space polls always say: people like space. Of course, this poll will be cited by those who see validation for their stances on space and will be ignored by those whose viewpoints are not strongly supported. Based on the press release (that’s all that has been released) you can pretty much project whatever you want upon the poll and also extract whatever you want from it. We have no idea who paid for this poll, who the pollsters talked to, how they did the poll (phone, writing) or all of the questions the participants were actually asked. So … your mileage may vary. Yawn.

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