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Bo Jiang To Plead Not Guilty; Will Ask For Jury Trial

By Keith Cowing
March 22, 2013
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Attorney: Former Chinese contractor at NASA’s Langley Research Center to plead not guilty, Washington Post
“Jiang’s attorney Fernando Groene said Jiang was unfairly targeted and is looking forward to being vindicated. He said he plans to ask for a jury trial and wants Jiang’s side of the story coming out. Groene said Jiang was leaving the country because his work visa was about to expire and he had been unable to find other employment since losing his job in January.”
Attorney: Former NASA contractor subject of ‘witch hunt’, Daily Press
“… But Jiang’s lawyer, Fernando Groene — a former federal prosecutor who now practices out of Williamsburg — said he’s not going to let Wolf misportray Jiang. … Groene challenged Wolf to come to the trial in Newport News federal court to present his evidence against Jiang. If Congressman Wolf testifies as a government witness, Groene said, “We’ll be glad to cross-examine him.” Asked why Jiang was going to China, Groene said, “He was going home.”
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