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Bolden and Garver: Smooth Sailing

By Keith Cowing
July 8, 2009

Statement of Charles Bolden Before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
“Today we have to choose. Either we can invest in building upon our hard earned world technological leadership or we can abandon this commitment, ceding it to others who are working vigilantly to push the frontiers of space.”
Bolden recalls golden days of NASA, Houston Chronicle
“In his words to the panel, Bolden recalled the purposeful days of the early manned space program when “a young president and a bold Congress inspired the American people to have the courage to take action in areas previously unthinkable.” Bolden added: “Can we do any less today? I think not.”
Charlie Bolden’s vision for NASA, Nature
“Several themes emerged in the responses from Bolden and Lori Garver, appointed to be Bolden’s deputy after handling Obama’s campaign space policies. First, they would emphasize the Earth-exploring aspects of NASA — a shift towards Earth science that’s already being seen in NASA budgets. “We have to look at Earth, our planet, and NASA has to lead in providing remote sensors, space-borne sensors, to understand not just what’s out there, but what’s in here,” said Bolden.”
Former astronaut vows to restore NASA’s glory, McClathcy
“Bolden, 62, politely but pointedly rebuffed former President George W. Bush’s ambitious plan to land an American on Mars by 2020. “It’s a long way to Mars,” Bolden said. “I want to go to Mars. I think everybody wants to go to Mars. (But) Mars is a 20-year venture. . . . I cannot go out and tell a kid, ‘I want you to come to work for NASA because we’re going to Mars.'”

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