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Congressional Reaction

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 16, 2010
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Sen. Nelson – Obama’s KSC trip, speech show President listening and backs robust space program
“Based on information released this week by the White House, Nelson said the president is moving in the right direction. But, “as with most presidential proposals, Congress will not just rubber stamp it,” he said. “So we’ll take what he’s saying to our committee, and then we’ll change some things.”
Chairman Rockefeller’s Statement on President Obama’s Space Policy Address
“For me, one thing is clear: science-based innovation drives economic growth and helps America compete in the global economy. Past exploration has greatly contributed to America’s economic strength and competitiveness. I am pleased the president’s plan retains its focus on innovation, research and technology development – the drivers of our economy.”
Rep. Hall Remains Skeptical of Obama Space Flight plan
“I agree with Neil Armstrong, Apollo astronauts and many other supporters of our space program who believe that the President’s proposal would be devastating for the future of NASA. Our space program is a national priority and source of pride. More than 30,000 jobs are at stake all across the nation, and we are on the brink of losing a highly skilled workforce.”
Olson Statement on President Obama NASA Speech
“Our nation does not lack the resources, the capabilities, the infrastructure, or the workforce to maintain a robust space program to reach destinations in space. What we lack is a commitment to get there. “Today’s announced proposals continue that trend. The Administration has downgraded the Orion capsule, failing to realize its true potential if fully utilized as designed.”
Rep. Rohrabacher Supports Obama’s New Space Plan, Agrees with Ending Constellation Program
“President Obama reiterated the nation’s long-term space goal – America, and American astronauts, exploring the solar system. This remains the right goal,” said Rohrabacher. “We as a nation must remain committed to the goal – not just on particular methods to get there.”
Rep. Posey’s Statement on the President’s Space Speech at KSC
“I am very concerned about the impact this plan will have not just on the workforce at KSC, but also the adverse impact on our nation’s military industrial base and America’s economic competitiveness. Let’s remember the benefits of space extend far beyond the direct actions related to launching rockets.”
Kosmas’ Statement on President Obama’s NASA Address
“However, as I have said all along, without working towards a specific vehicle and without having American access to the International Space Station, we risk losing our supremacy in space. I have introduced legislation that would maintain a robust NASA-led human spaceflight program by allowing for Shuttle extension and by establishing a next-generation NASA-led vehicle, and I will continue fighting to make sure these ideas are fully explored.”
Utah lawmakers oppose NASA plan, Salt Lake Tribune
“I would say the administration’s plan is laughable, but I can’t find much humor in it when the consequences to space exploration and American workers during tough economic times are so dire,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.
Colo. officials happy that space capsule is spared, Business Week
Colorado senators and congressmen welcomed President Barack Obama’s decision to save a version of the Orion space capsule being developed in Colorado.
“The president’s announcement is terrific news for Colorado, for all the workers on Orion,” said Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.”
Missouri Congressman Mistakenly Refers To ‘Soviet Union’ In Anti-Obama Space Policy Press Release, Huffngton Post
“In a statement the Missouri Republican said the move would leave the United States “reliant upon the Soviet Union” for future low-earth orbit access.”

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