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Hearing Reaction

By Keith Cowing
May 13, 2010
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Armstrong Says Obama ‘Poorly Advised’ on NASA, Experts Ignored, Bloomberg
“A plan that was invisible to so many was likely contrived by a very small group in secret who persuaded the president that this was a unique opportunity to put his stamp on a new and innovative program,” Armstrong said in remarks prepared for a Senate hearing. “I believe the president was poorly advised.”
Former Astronauts unhappy with Obama space plan, AP
“Cernan said in his written testimony that he, Armstrong and Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell agreed that the administration’s budget for human space exploration “presents no challenges, has no focus, and in fact is a blueprint for a mission to ‘nowhere.'” Lovell, while not present at the hearing, issued a statement opposing Obama’s NASA budget.”
Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan oppose Obama’s spaceflight plans, Washington Post
“Obama’s plans, which increase NASA’s budget at a time when most agencies’ budgets are being cut, have irked lawmakers from southern states where most of NASA and its contractors are based. Sen. George LeMieux (R-Fla.) worried that the plans would allow other countries to leapfrog ahead of the United States. “I do not look forward to explaining to my children why the Chinese are putting their flag on the moon over ours,” LeMieux said.”
Moon Walkers Defend Space Flight at Senate Hearings, Time
“Armstrong had previously urged the continued use of the soon-to-be-retired space shuttles, which Augustine’s committee and other review boards have deemed to be on their last legs, and twice stumbled trying to turn on his microphone after almost sitting in the wrong chair. One couldn’t help but wonder whether he’s more an icon of NASA’s past than a voice for its future. “We need a new direction,” Rockefeller said at the beginning of the hearing. “The American people deserve the most from their space program. NASA’s role cannot stay static.”

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