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Olson and Giffords on Obama's Plan

By Keith Cowing
May 6, 2010
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US must remain the global leader in exploring space, Rep. Pete Olson, The Hill
“The president does not outline any path for the United States to get out of low earth orbit. A major component, the revised “Orion-lite” proposal, is little more than an opportunity to delay the inevitable layoffs of highly skilled workers across America and does not further our ability as a nation to explore the heavens or get us to the moon, Mars and beyond. It has also been reported as a mechanism to prevent the government from having to pay out costly Constellation cancellation contracts. This is not a strategy for success in human space flight. It turns the capsule designed to be our spacecraft for journeys to the moon into a lifeboat on the International Space Station.”
Crisis of purpose for America’s space program, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, The Hill
“As conscientious stewards of the American taxpayers dollars, Congress demanded more. In response, the president took the stage last month at Kennedy Space Center and, showing a clear passion for space and a will to compromise, unveiled a new plan. Unfortunately this new plan creates more questions than answers and seems unworkable within the budget without crippling NASAs other missions. We cannot continue to argue between the president’s plan and the status quo. There must be a third way.”

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