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Senate Confirms Bill Nelson As NASA Administrator

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 29, 2021

NASA Watch founder, Explorers Club Fellow, ex-NASA, Away Teams, Journalist, Space & Astrobiology, Lapsed climber.

3 responses to “Senate Confirms Bill Nelson As NASA Administrator”

  1. Johnhouboltsmyspiritanimal says:

    Did that rubber stamp come with a few billion for HLS cause an administrator is only good if he brings in the needed funds.

  2. ed2291 says:

    I am hoping for the best. So far he is not trying to invalidate the Space X moon contract.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      I had the same ‘hope for the best’ feeling when Mr. B. moved to the Ninth. In this case, while I wish the Senator every success – we want him to succeed – I simply feel pessimistic.

      I’m 73 years old. With age has come a bit of wisdom, though it’s admittedly spotty. Does the Senator have this wisdom? I fear age has given the Senator more a sense of ‘finally I get my way” than an ability to apply wisdom.

      And with each passing year I have the sense that it’s way past time we let the younger folks be in charge.