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Coronavirus Update: NASA Ames On Mandatory Telework Status

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
March 9, 2020
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Coronavirus Update: NASA Ames On Mandatory Telework Status

“Dear Ames Personnel,
NASA’s Ames Research Center will temporarily go to MANDATORY telework status effective immediately and until further notice. More guidance will follow for those who do not have equipment to work from home or who work in labs or other facilities requiring similar technical equipment that are fixed assets.
On Sunday, March 8, we received confirmation that an Ames employee tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). We believe the exposure at the center has been limited, but — out of an abundance of caution, and in consultation with NASA Headquarters and the NASA Chief Heath and Medical Officer in accordance to agency response plans — Ames Research Center will temporarily go to a mandatory telework status until further notice.
Access to the center will be restricted to essential personnel only as required to safeguard life, property, and critical mission functions approved at the level of the associate center director. Limiting personnel at the center will allow Ames medical personnel and public health officials to determine potential contacts and assess areas that may require additional cleaning and mitigate potential exposure to center personnel.
The protection and care of the Ames family, their families, and the entire Ames community is our top priority and critical to the success of our mission.
The status of the center will be updated regularly through centerwide messages, the emergency notification system, and on the ARCSOS site at Please stay in close contact with your supervisor. I greatly appreciate your understanding, patience, and support.
Eugene Tu
Center Director”

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3 responses to “Coronavirus Update: NASA Ames On Mandatory Telework Status”

  1. Johnhouboltsmyspiritanimal says:

    Given Houston has at least 10 cases in the area I wonder how long before JSC goes into a similar mode.

    • yivit says:

      I’m actually surprised that JSC wasn’t the first center hit, given the international partners, visitors sniffling through some of the buildings, etc.

    • spacegaucho says:

      Cuyahoga county where Glenn is located just reported 3 confirmed cases.