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Meanwhile, Back on Mars

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
January 3, 2012
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White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars, Wired
“Officially, the White House says Obama never went to Mars. “Only if you count watching Marvin the Martian,” Tommy Vietor, the spokesman for the National Security Council, tells Danger Room. But that’s exactly what a secret chrononaut wants you to believe.”
Some Guys: Obama Teleported to Mars With Us, Wonkette
“According to two guys named Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings, Obama, then known as one “Barry Soetoro,” joined them and seven other young Americans, including the current director of DARPA, in a project that involved teleporting to the Red Planet through a so-called “jump room.”

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3 responses to “Meanwhile, Back on Mars”

  1. fuzed says:

    wow – slow (space) news day!  thanks for the laugh.   

  2. Steve Pemberton says:

    “Been there, done that” takes on a new meaning!