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More Choir Practice in an Echo Chamber by the Usual Suspects

By Keith Cowing
March 15, 2015
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More Choir Practice in an Echo Chamber by the Usual Suspects

We Need To Expand the Conversation About Space, OpEd, Space News
“But changing the conversation isn’t really enough, and that poll shows why a majority of Americans do not support returning to the moon or going to Mars, and just a little over 50 percent of them support increasing funding for human spaceflight. This tells us what our next project is we need to expand the conversation about space, not just change it. All of us who are part of the space community see space’s potential. But space is a niche issue for a very simple reason space isn’t relevant to the average person.”
Keith’s note: This op ed makes some astute and frank observations. But then it quickly goes on to utterly ignore these very same observations. In a nutshell this op ed about space activism openly admits that space activism has had little or no effect on space policy over the past three decades. Their solution? Have the same space activist organizations – and the exact same people (activists) – use the same tactics that they openly admit have been ineffective. Moreover they want to sell Congress and the taxpaying public a space policy that they know that people neither want – or understand.
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