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NASA Watch Turns 19 Today (seriously)

By Keith Cowing
April 1, 2015
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NASA Watch Turns 19 Today (seriously)

Keith’s note: NASAWatch turns 19 on 1 Apr 2015. It started as “NASA RIFWatch” on 1 Apr 1996 and was first hosted on a Mac Classic II on an ISDN line. Here a few things from those early days that are still online:
Rogue Webmasters, Government Executive, 1 Oct 1996
“A committee of headquarters employees nominated Cowing for an agency award for running the RIF Watch site. But NASA Associate Administrator for Headquarters Operations Michael Christensen, rejected the idea. “The tone of the page is unacceptable,” says Christensen. “None of us dispute his right to run the Web site. My own personal decision was that it would be inappropriate to honor him for it.”
NASA’s Most Important Asset, Gerry Griffin, 31 December 1996
Dan Goldin Comments to the Space Science Advisory Committee (SSAC) Meeting, 6/17/96
Changes in Thinking At NASA November 29, 1996, PBS News Hour

Just to show you how things have changed, this photo should shock a few of you … (well worth a click) – and no, it is not an April Fool’s joke. Today, some up and coming bloggers and Twitterati throw snark at me just like I threw it at Dan Goldin back in the day. Life is funny like that.
And those of you who have followed my ‘other’ exploits will know that I have had a certain interest in doing websites from distant and extreme locations (Devon Island, Everest Base Camp, etc.). This website (still online), “The McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Research Project – Life in Extreme Environments; An Antarctic Field Journal“, done with my friend Dale Andersen, was one of the very earliest websites actually updated from Antarctica.

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