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The True Extent Of NASA's Reach During The Demo-2 Launch

By Keith Cowing
June 1, 2020
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The True Extent Of NASA's Reach During The Demo-2 Launch

Keith’s note: I just got some additional preliminary information from NASA PAO about their television, Internet and social media reach. Yesterday I asked (audio) Jim Bridenstine for some numbers to substantiate his glowing description of NASA’s reach. Bridenstine said “I think a lot of people saw it – I think the whole world saw it – and we’re very proud of that.” NASA Communications Director Bettina Inclán said “Our metrics are saying that peak viewership of the May 30th joint NASA/SpaceX Launch webcast across all NASA platforms was at least 10.3 million concurrent viewers – the most watched event we’ve ever had … those numbers are only for the NASA/Spacex (event). That does not count broadcast and other agencies and news outlets that were talking and promoting this incredible achievment for humanity.”
Here are the new metrics from NASA PAO: During the 4 hour period surrounding the launch NASA had 50 million total viewers. That is just YouTube. NASA also had the top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Twitter trends during that period. For a brief moment a lot of people were watching that launch.
I look forward to receiving more detailed stats from NASA on the reach that this event had – nationally and globally.
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