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Update: Stealth NASA STEM Event is Actually A Stealth Sexual Harassment Event

By Keith Cowing
August 8, 2016
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Update: Stealth NASA STEM Event is Actually A Stealth Sexual Harassment Event

Keith’s 8 August update: NASA MissionSTEM Summit 2016: Opening Session and Keynote Address – Live 9:30 -11:00 am EDT. No mention is made of this event or the opening webcast at, NASA’s education website, or NASA’s event calendar. Its almost as it NASA overtly decided not to tell anyone that this event is happening.
Oh yes: NASA TV actually cut off Tina Tchen from the White House in mid-sentence at 11:00 am EDT to show clouds from space.

Keith’s 5 August update: This tweet points to a link that just appeared on the website “MissionSTEM Summit 2016“. With the exception of a one-hour opening session on NASA TV the event is closed to the public. No agenda is posted. Media are not allowed to attend. It is good that NASA holds events like this. It is bad when they hide the very existence of these events until the last minute and denies full public access to discussions that have applicability in educational institutions across the entire nation.

Keith’s 4 August note: Apparently the huge STEM education event that Dava Newman described last week at the NAC is not a STEM education event after all. Instead it is an invitation-only event for NASA grantees to discuss sexual harassment policies. Some parts of it may be made public but media are not invited – nor can anyone just show up and attend. The venue, agenda, date, time etc. have yet to be released – and the event begins in just 4 days. Given that organizations such as the American Astronomical Society went to great pains to make their deliberations and policy development regarding sexual harassment very open and inclusive, it is rather strange that NASA has been so secretive about this event. Then again, NASA dragged its feet in responding to the issue in the first place. In addition to the secrecy surrounding this meeting, it is also odd is that NASA’s deputy administrator was so confused as to what this large event is all about – including her claim that it was all online.
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