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A Difference of Opinion Regarding Education

By Keith Cowing
August 15, 2006

Students advised to seek experience in the private aeronautics sector, Salt Lake Tribune

“It simply is not among the top priorities I have at NASA to fund student experiments,” Griffin said during a question-and-answer session. “It is nice when we can afford to do student experiments in the context of a university, but right now, as strapped for cash as we are, I’m simply not sure that is a luxury we can afford.” … “Griffin responded that it is not NASA’s job to broker deals to put student projects into space. “NASA is not the galactic overlord of space, nor should it be,” Griffin said.”

NASA chief justifies cuts during session at USU, Deseret Morning News

“Mike Griffin, NASA’s administrator, was feisty in defending the space agency’s deep cuts in science projects during a question-and-answer session Monday at the Utah State University Small Satellite Conference.” …. “I respectfully disagree with you that you have to wait until you’re an employee of an aerospace company to start getting enthusiastic about space, to start learning the discipline that will make a good employee,” [Gil] Moore said. “The generation that you need to be targeting . . . is the educational level of the university student.”

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