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NASA Space App Challenge Yields Real Results

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 20, 2012
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NASA Space App Challenge: OpenROV – An Open Source Exploration Vehicle, NASA HackSpace
“This month, NASA engineer Eric Stackpole hiked to a spot in Trinity County, east of California’s rough Bigfoot country. Locals whisper the cave’s deep pools hold a cache of stolen gold, but Mr. Stackpole isn’t here to look for treasure. He had, under his arm, what might appear to be a clunky toy blue submarine about the size of a lunchbox. The machine is the latest prototype of the OpenROV-an open-source, remotely operated vehicle that could map the cave in 3D using software from Autodesk and collect water in places too tight for a diver to go. It could change the future of ocean exploration. … NEEMO caught the eye of NASA after winning a regional International Space Apps Challenge, where 2000 hacker participants gathered across the internet and worked collaboratively on 71 problems over a 48-hour deadline.”
NASA’s Inconsistent Support of the International Space Apps Challenge, Previous post
“I think it is inexcusable that NASA has not made more of an effort to promote things such as the International Space Apps Challenge – especially when the White House places such a priority on things like this. There is much risk in this ad hoc and dysfunctional public engagement policy at NASA. Now that the first apps challenge event was such a success, efforts like this could continue – without overt NASA involvement – thus making NASA less – rather than more relevant. If that happens NASA only has itself to blame.”

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One response to “NASA Space App Challenge Yields Real Results”

  1. Tom Dayton says:

    NASA this week posted a plug-ins page with four plug-ins, for the Open Mission Control Technologies platform. We want folks to build and post more plugins, not just for the Space Apps Challenge.