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New NASA App With No NASA Branding

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 2, 2012
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NASA Rolls Out New App to Increase Space Based Knowledge
“What: NASA plans to launch its new Space 365 App this Friday at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Space 365 offers quick access to NASA events and quirky trivia facts that happened each day of the year. More than 4,000 NASA events are contained in the database. If you want to follow the latest on the Mars Curiosity Rover, check out a special date in history, or simply love trivia, you’ll want to discover more about NASA’s newest app. For the rollout event, we’ll have a big screen and a demonstration area for you to check out this cutting-edge app, developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.”
Keith’s note: Is this an official NASA application? The reason I ask is that there is no NASA logo anywhere – not on the app page, in the iTunes store, or within the app itself. The only contact you are offered is someone named “Dr. Steve”. The only way I’d know his last name is this press release. There is no obvious way in this app to reach Why is NASA putting an official application out without any discernible NASA branding? When I type in “Mars Curiosity” the most recent event I get is an event on 26 Nov 2011 – yet the default home page has a picture of John Grunsfeld on the Colbert Report last night. NASA has been sending out multiple releases about Curiosity – why doesn’t this app know about them? Indeed, what is the point of this app again?
According to the iTunes page for this app the languages supported are “English, German, Northern Sami, Spanish”. For a U.S. audience, English and Spanish make sense. German – not so much. But Northern Sami? This language is only spoken in the northern portions of Norway, Sweden and Finland. One would think you’d try for French, Chinese or Russian before you thought about Northern Sami.

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4 responses to “New NASA App With No NASA Branding”

  1. Jim Kelly says:

    “One would think you’d try for French, Chinese or Russian before you thought about Northern Sami.”

    Maybe it’s the developer’s native language… Finland *is* known for software excellence.

    • kcowing says:

      NASA is not Finland’s space agency.

      • Wes Lyons says:

         Yep and the Russian Space Agency isn’t our space agency either but they sure give us a life… for a price.

        Back to the app, I’m surprised that NASA doesn’t have Mobile App Standards.

  2. bobhudson54 says:

    So, NASA issues an App without branding it with their logo.Did anyone see NASA TV recently where they attempted to interview Charles Bolden on Curiosity? this broadcast was highly laughable. The audio was weak where you couldn’t hear the questions being asked.This left Bolden practically lifeless,sitting idle,fidgeting,making faces while adjustments were attempted
    to the program. Someone failed to cut-away while the technical problems were worked out, making Bolden appearing foolish,inept.The saddest thing here was that NASA kept on broadcasting this embarrassing fiasco over and over again.
    Is it any wonder people are beginning to question NASA’s PAO and their operations?