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Three Videos from JSC Students

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 4, 2008

“Several college students, working at NASAs Johnson Space Center, teamed up to help their generation reconnect with NASA by creating entertaining videos that people might not expect from a government agency. Using their own resources and skillz, these young employees created a series of videos that educate and entertain.”

Editor’s note: There are three videos in this collection. “Apollo Guys” is interesting and nicely done – but needs to be re-edited. “The Future of NASA” is cute. With regard to “I.S.S. Baby”: if there is an “artist” who is more annoying than Vanilla Ice (even when copied – badly), please let me know.

Editor’s update: NASA’s Nick Skytland gushes about these videos here. To which I responded:

Have you actually read the comments people left? “Brilliant”? Hardly, Nick. You need a few more zeroes on the viewing stats before you can say that.

The production quality was low, and when you consider that there are over 300 million Americans – the market penetration is nonexistent.

Contrast these three videos with this video currently featured on YouTube – one that amounts to little more than photos of fish some guys caught – was viewed by more people than all of these videos together.

Then there was the “astrobiology rap” which had several PR cycles – one within the space community and then another that went global – this is what you folks should be paying attention to. When your videos break out of the space community, then you have accomplished something. Until then ….

I.S.S. Baby

Apollo Guys

The Future of NASA

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