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Today's NASA EPO YouTube Video

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 14, 2010
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Reader note: “Have a look at this September 13, 2010 Youtube video “Music Hack Day London 2010: interview with Kelly Snook (Imogen Heap)” recorded in London. NASA’s Kelly Snook is featured and her name badge says “NASA/Imogen Heap”. She says that she is a studio engineer for Imogen Heap (a band that performs in Europe) and that she also works for NASA.”.
Keith’s note: Kelly has always been very creative artistically. From what I understand she’s on a sabbatical – without pay – in the UK.
Keith’s update: Kelly was at MIT last year as a “Sonic scientist” and attended Berklee Music where “Music production lights me up like nothing else in the world,” she says. “The professional benefits of simply doing it, as opposed to sitting at my desk at NASA and just dreaming about doing it, are already immeasurable, but adding to that the systematic knowledge and training of the Berkleemusic coursework is light upon light.”

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