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Video: Future NASA Will Be Powered By Social Media Campaigns

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
November 3, 2015
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NASA Watch founder, Explorers Club Fellow, ex-NASA, Away Teams, Journalist, Space & Astrobiology, Lapsed climber.

5 responses to “Video: Future NASA Will Be Powered By Social Media Campaigns”

  1. Littrow says:

    Well at some point, Keith, you might be right. I have seen a radical turnaround over the last several years. It wasn’t that long ago that NASA did not know what Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, were. The old guard of PAO did not know and did not seem to care to know. The new guard, too many of them millenials and other ‘youngsters’ who seem to know little about space, are all over social media, and I mean that literally. They’ve got messages and videos and all kinds of stuff coming out all over, but apparently, largely uncoordinated, unconstrained, lacking substance. They aim for simplicity: “First Step, Mission to Mars” – really? where? “Benefits from ISS helping earth?”-really? Why can neither NASA nor CASIS seems to get any great new prospective experimenters on board? Then I might believe. Do they have a campaign aimed at prospective experimenters? NASA seems, lately, to be trying to advertise achievements they have not yet achieved.

  2. Rich_Palermo says:

    This future looks like the present

    • DTARS says:

      A giant shuttle on the side of SLS!!!

      Even in Photoshop

      No clue of the future

      Old Space Society

      We have lots of members

      Our motto

      Make do with what we got!

      • brobof says:

        I’m afraid we are still a long way from Skylon but we are getting closer. As Keith reports: another £20.6 million in the SABRE/LAPCAT kitty 😉 More importantly, a tie in to a big player: BAE.

  3. Gonzo_Skeptic says:

    This would explain the recent recoloring of SLS.