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Weightless Over The Atlantic

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 16, 2006

Weightless, for 25 seconds at a time, AP

“As I dreamed at night, I floated free of gravity, arms out like Superman with nothing but air underneath me. I was flying. This wasn’t just some dream about freedom. I was reliving a real-life wild ride through the wonders of weightlessness — experiencing a feeling I can’t quite recapture while awake. It is a feeling of freedom from limits — a feeling that, after it was quickly over, went right to my gut, my emotional center, but wouldn’t stick around in my conscious mind for easy recall.”

More Tourists Weigh Zero Gravity Flights, AP

“Science teacher Mike Hickey has long understood the difference between mass and weight. Now, floating in zero gravity, he doesn’t just understand it, he feels it. Hickey, all 197 pounds of him, is drifting along with 38 other teachers inside a specially modified jet diving over the Atlantic Ocean.”

Video of AP reporter Seth Borenstein during weightless flight, AP video

Editor’s update: Go to SciTech and click on “Teachers, Tourists Fly in Zero Gravity”

Weightless Over Cleveland – Part 1: Floating Teachers, SpaceRef
Weightless Over Cleveland – Part 2: Learning to Fly, SpaceRef
Northrop Grumman Concludes Weightless Teacher Program in Nation’s Capital

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