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Election 2004

Kerry Space Advisor Dismisses Bush Space Policy

By Keith Cowing
July 29, 2004

Editor’s note: This was posted on the Yahoo group kerryspace. Lori Garver (Yahoo ID astromom2004) told people at a reception the other night that she is working on space policy issues for John Kerry. These comments were posted to a newsgroup with over a 160 members (a hundred of whom joined in the 24 hours since this was first posted on NASA Watch and SpaceRef – and linked to by the Drudge Report), several of whom are prominent space and science journalists. Moreover, these comments were already making the rounds within NASA.

From: “Lori Garver” < lgarver@d... >

Date: Sun Jul 18, 2004 10:17 am

Subject: RE: [kerryspace] Come Celebrate Kerry’s Great VP Choice, Edwards!

Please don’t write-off the Kerry-Edwards camp on space. The Bush initiative is simply hot-air and has made it impossible in an election year for Kerry to say much on space. What he has said — will support increased funding for NASA R&D, will support Prizes, a more genuinely international effort, etc… is already more than most Presidential Candidates. It took Bush 3.5 years and a tragic Shuttle accident to come up with a policy. Democrats will be able to pull-off a better record — if not rhetoric! Totally agree on futility of ISS as pharmacy source and need to retire Shuttle — Kerry can be convinced of this, but perhaps not in the campaign. The Moon-Mars Blitz was a good way for Congress to see citizens supporting space — always a good thing.

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