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Election 2008

Election 2008: Obama Talks (A Little) About NASA

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 23, 2008

Spaced Out: Obama says NASA needs a mission, Orlando Sentinel

“Now I know we’re transitioning from the shuttle to the Orion program and I am fully committed to making sure that is funded. But I want to review with NASA what are we doing in terms of manned flights to the moon or to Mars vs. are we better off using things like Hubble that yields us more information and better bang for the buck.

The bottom line is I am absolute committed to making sure we have a space program that is second to none in the world. That’s my absolute commitment. But I want to sit down with NASA and figure out what’s our focus and make sure that that focus is clear and yielding the kind of benefits over time. I want us to understand what it is we’re trying to accomplish.”

Education Position paper, Obama for President (NASA excerpt toward the bottom)

“IX. A COMMITMENT TO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Barack Obama’s early education and K-12 plan package costs about $18 billion per year. He will maintain fiscal responsibility and prevent any increase in the deficit by offsetting cuts and revenue sources in other parts of the government. The early education plan will be paid for by delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years, using purchase cards and the negotiating power of the government to reduce costs of standardized procurement, auctioning surplus federal property, and reducing the erroneous payments identified by the Government Accountability Office, and closing the CEO pay deductibility loophole. The rest of the plan will be funded using a small portion of the savings associated with fighting the war in Iraq.”

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