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Election 2008

Washington Examiner Space Blogger Goes The Nazi Route

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 6, 2008

Editor’s note: Former NASA PAO flack Patti Phillips is clearly losing it over at the Washington Examiner. She uses a post about Obama and space policy to launch off on a bizzare path that ends with Nazis. Sure, Patti’s over the top rant at Obama is just that. But the link to a video she includes – a video that overtly uses Nazi symbology and swastikas in comparison to the campaign banners used by the Obama campaign and overlays films of Hitler youth with audio of children signing an Obama campaign song – is just plain obscene and has no place in civilized discussion. She introduces the video by saying “You decide if the Obama truth squads, youth squads, and hype are bringing some horrific history back to life. Here’s a provocative YouTube video that wraps up some current issues.” What was this woman thinking?

Editor’s update: This just appeared online at the Examiner: “Note: at the request of an Examiner editor, who had concerns about the harshness of the comments posted in response, the video has been removed.” “Harshness”? The YouTube video “Obama Youth Revolution – Sing For Socialism” that Patti Phillips thought was appropriate is outright racist. Patti did not have the common morals to see that this video was outright inappropropriate – but her editor did. This is what the page looked like before. Note that the title “Obama builds up the rubber in his space flip flops, truth squads, and kid allegiance squads” is now simply “Obama builds up the rubber in his space flip flops”. Look at the URL for the story “”. Also, removed are the allusions to Hitlerian tactics, the video, and outraged reader comments. Let’s just pretend that this never happend, eh Patti? I wonder what Patti will come up with next as she tries to link space policy to an ever-increasing array of partisan and bizzare topics.

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