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Election 2020

Former NASA Administrator And Navy Secretary Sean O'Keefe Endorses Joe Biden

By Keith Cowing
August 30, 2020
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Former NASA Administrator And Navy Secretary Sean O'Keefe Endorses Joe Biden

Sean O’Keefe Trump and the RNC abandoned the Republican platform and the legacy of Ronald Reagan, NBC
“I have not always agreed with Biden, and it’s unlikely I will always agree with him if he is elected president. But when disagreements do occur, I will have returned to the ranks of the loyal opposition and will be able to express my objections and prescriptions by appealing to the deeply held principles that have guided him throughout his career in public service. Those differences will likely be due to conflicting views over policy, and at least the Democrats put out a party platform of policies to debate.”
Joe Biden is the best choice for space progress, Opinion, Sean O’Keefe and John Grunsfeld, Florida Today
“Today, Americans face a choice about whether we want to renew that vision and continue to lead the world in exploration beyond our own planet, and our drive to unravel the mysteries of the universe. With opportunities at hand for innovation and exploration, the United States can again go in peace for all humankind. We believe the best leader to realize that ambition is Joe Biden. Like President Kennedy, Biden believes that NASA represents the best of America and helps our country to be even better — that NASA inspires all Americans, serves as an engine for economic and technology developments, engages citizens in science and engineering, and boosts our global leadership by working with our partners across the world for continued peaceful development of space to the benefit of all.”

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