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Election 2020

RNC Space Policy Paper Quotes A Lot Of Things – Partially

By Keith Cowing
August 25, 2020
RNC Space Policy Paper Quotes A Lot Of Things – Partially

President Trump Is Making The World (And Space) Safe Again [space excerpt], RNC
Space Policy Online: “There is substantially more than in Obama’s 2015 strategy,” about space.”
Keith’s note: Full context “Space is not a focus of the 55-page document, but there is substantially more than in Obama’s 2015 strategy. That may be because Obama issued a National Space Policy in 2010 that contained extensive guidance about U.S. civil, commercial, national security, and cross-sector space activities, followed by a National Security Space Strategy in 2011. Trump has not issued similar guidance yet. Therefore what was released today is the most formal statement to date of Trump’s views on these issues, although he, Vice President Mike Pence, who chairs the White House National Space Council, and other administration officials have expressed many of them already.”
Oh yes and SpaceQ: “U.S. aims to take lead in space traffic management with Space Policy Directive 3.” is actually an article title on our sister website SpaceQ which covers Canadian space news, the article says “As reported in NASA Watch, during a morning media call this morning “National Space Council Executive Director Scott Pace said the U.S. needs to have unfettered access and the ability to operate space – but space is becoming congested. The new policy (SPD-3) addresses these challenges.”
Oh yes with all the NASA hoopla about Artemis and the Artemis Accords this RNC/Trump greatest hits document makes zero mention. But they certainly mention Space Force a lot.

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