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A Look Inside JSC's New Ideas

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
January 20, 2011
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NASA JSC Presentation: Human Spaceflight Affordability: Advanced In-house Development Portfolio January 2011
Center Retreat Discussion
-What are the ideas/innovations we can explore/push forward as we wait for clear direction?
Agency Challenge:
-Coming out of HEFT Steering Committee, and the Administrator
— “Affordability remains the most significant issue facing the Agency and in particular human spaceflight.”
— “In order to close on affordability, shorten development cycles, and lower operations and sustaining costs, NASA must change its traditional approach to human space systems acquisition and development”
Center Initiative:
-Develop, implement, and demonstrate “world class” practices in delivering spacecraft technologies, systems, operations and services for the Human Spaceflight Enterprise
Goal: To become a “catalyst for change” demonstrating best practices for the Agency With the ultimate goal of building a more sustainable Human Spaceflight Enterprise

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