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AMASE 2006 Updates

By Keith Cowing
August 8, 2006

Kirsten Fristad’s NASA Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition Field Reports

“The last two days have been very busy with instrument testing, gathering last minute supplies and attending an arctic training course. The cold temperatures here pose a serious challenge to our instruments here as it can greatly affect our power consumption, pressure readings and pumping capabilities.”

NASA Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition Field Reports:

  • Training & Testing – 7 August 2006
  • The First Hours – 5 August 2006
  • Welcome to Svalbard – 5 August 2006
  • Getting There – 4 August 2006
  • Pre-Trip – 25 July 2006
  • Introductions – 24 July 2006
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