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Don't Flush – Donate To Space Exploration!

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
July 15, 2008

NASA JSC Urine Collection Study Donor Request

“The Orion Program will be holding a urine collection study starting Monday, July 21 and running through Thursday, July 31, 2008. We are looking for donors as we need to collect a large amount of urine per day for the entire 11 day period. Please contact [deleted] at [deleted] to express interest in donating or to get answers to any questions you have regarding the study. We will be hosting an informational meeting with encouraged attendance for potential urine donors from 11-11:30 a.m. Thursday, July 17, 2008 in the first floor conference room. In this meeting we will go over instructions and guidelines for the study and introduce volunteers to the equipment that will be used in the study. If you are unable to attend this meeting due to scheduling conflicts, we can set up another time to clarify the study operations on an individual basis.”

“Go” Where No Man Has Gone Before, Wired

“I can’t say for certain what they might be testing, but they certainly must need a lot if they’re asking visitors to participate as well.”

NASA to workers: Go boldly (in cup) for science, AP

“The need is voluminous: 30 liters a day, which translates into nearly 8 gallons. Even on weekends.”

NASA Wants Your Urine, Discovery Channel

“Have a business meeting in Houston next week? Be a good American and drop by for quick pee break at 2200 Space Park near the Johnson Space Center. Yes, you read that right: NASA needs your urine.”

“Fun with Urine” Stirs Students’ Imagination, NASA (2003)

“Fun With Urine” chronicles how the award-winning teacher uses ‘gross’ and ‘goofy’ ideas to interest his students in science and the NASA space program.”

Hi, I’m coordinating the NASA Urine Drive this year. Cup of coffee?, Good Morning Silicon Valley

“NASA needs urine — lots of it — and it’s tapping the power of crowdsourcing.”

Quips abound over urine memo ‘leak’, Washington Times

“Talk about a leaked memo in the mainstream press. NASA was the subject of gleeful global news coverage Wednesday after an internal document asking employees to donate their urine for space toilet research made it from the confines of the Johnson Space Center to the whole planet.”

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