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Griffin Exploration Rollout Plan

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 14, 2005

Editor’s update (12 Aug): NASA has still not received approval from OMB with regard to the ESAS. As such, briefings by NASA may be delayed by a week or more. Stay tuned.

Editor’s update (9 Aug): Senior NASA officials reportedly briefed OMB officials yesterday about the new exploration plan and are awaiting the green light (which they have yet to receive) from OMB to begin briefing Hill staffers, industry etc. Senior managers are in a budget meeting today at NASA HQ. At least one PAO representative (Dwayne Brown) began to tell reporters that there would be a formal announcement at NASA HQ on 22 August. He has since denied doing so.

Editor’s note (6 Aug): According to senior NASA sources, the space agency will begin briefing the major conclusions of the combined 60-day exploration architecture studies the week of 15 August, beginning with the White House and proceeding to Capitol Hill staffers. Mike Griffin may roll out the elements of the plan to the public at a NASA headquarters press briefing shortly before the Labor Day weekend holiday. No word as yet when the international partners will be told of the study’s conclusions. Griffin has a Management Council meeting on his calendar for Thursday, 18 August. This meeting is attended by all Center Directors and Mission Directorate heads.

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