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Griffin Halts Roadmapping Activity

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 27, 2005

Editor’s note: According to NASA sources, Mike Griffin killed the roadmapping activity today (Wednesday). Excellent move. These activities, as interesting as they were to listen to, simply went in circles and would have only provided output well after many procurement and architecture decisions (CEV for example) had already been made.

Alas, this effort is being terminated before it had been completed – and a product produced. The output of this process was supposed to be reviewed by the National Academy of Sciences. No word yet as to what NASA will forward to the NAS for review – or what they (and the Aldridge Commission) thinks about this truncated Roadmapping process.

APIO: Strategic Roadmaps – Overview

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin Hits the Ground Running, SpaceRef

“Griffin replied: “I don’t think that the roadmap activities are on a pace that is consistent with the decision making that we have to do. I will probably be establishing focused, small teams, representing a breadth of experience throughout NASA – throughout the centers – and targeted other institutions as necessary in order to be helping with some of these larger scale architectural issues.”

Editor’s note: Of course, there are still half a dozen previously-announced Roadmap meetings (list below) planned for the next several weeks. No word yet as to whether they will still happen – or if they will be cancelled.

NASA Universe Exploration Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting
NASA Solar System Exploration Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting
NASA Earth Science and Applications from Space Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting
NASA Sun-Solar System Connection Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting
NASA Search for Earth-Like Planets Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting
NASA Aeronautical Technologies Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting

Original NASA Strategic Roadmaps Schedule

Key Milestones* Target Date
SPC approval of planning August 2004
FACA charters in place December
Complete committe formation December 2004/January 2005
Initial committee meetings; integration begins January/February
Mid-Term status reviews March
Drafts (charts + notes) for internal review April 15
Roadmaps submitted for NRC review June 1
First synthesis workshop Mid July
Second synthesis workshop Early August
NAC review workshop/summer study Late August
Integrated Strategic Architecture complete October 1
NRC reviews complete October
*Committees developing the Space Shuttle, Education, Lunar Expeditions,
Exploration Transportation, and Nuclear Systems Roadmaps
are meeting on a later schedule.

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