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JSC's Warp Drive: Fact or Fluff?

By Keith Cowing
June 12, 2014
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NASA’s real life Enterprise may take us to other star systems one day, Gizmodo
“Dr. Harold “Sonny” White is still working on a warp drive at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Their work is still in the experimental stages but that doesn’t mean they can’t imagine already what the real life Enterprise ship should look like according to their math. You’re looking at it right now.”
What an Enterprise! NASA physicist, artist unveil warp-speed craft design
“According to NASA, there hasn’t been any proof that a warp drive can exist, but the agency is experimenting nonetheless. Although the concept doesn’t violate the laws of physics, that doesn’t guarantee that it will work.”
Status of “Warp Drive”, NASA
“Warp Drives”, “Hyperspace Drives”, or any other term for Faster-than-light travel is at the level of speculation, with some facets edging into the realm of science. We are at the point where we know what we do know and know what we don’t, but do not know for sure if faster than light travel is possible.”
Clarifying NASA’s Warp Drive Program, earlier post
“How much has NASA already spent on this project? How much does it intend to spend on this project? Where do the funds for Eagleworks and White’s advanced propulsion/warp drive research come from? JSC? HQ? Answer: The scope and scale of this project is small and commensurate with a university effort. Most of the equipment was pulled from storage to minimize capital procurement. Total procurement to implement the warp field interferometer is ~$50k. The funding comes from JSC.”
Keith’s note: Given the PR that centers on Dr. White it is a little difficult to believe that all NASA spends on this effort is on the order of $50,000 a year. Is this his full time job? If not, what is it that he does to get a salary from NASA? When you ask JSC what this costs you either get no answer or non-answers liek this. If this is a real project then you’d think NASA would want to be a little more forthcoming. If it is a real project, that is.
What will be interesting to watch is what visibility NASA PAO does – or does not – give to this in-house warp drive skunk works when it starts to work with the PR people for the film< em> “Interstellar” (there has been some preliminary interaction). Will NASA want taxpayers to know that it is thinking ahead or will it avoid all mention of this effort for fear of being ridiculed in the press?
Warp Drive Research at NASA JSC, earlier post

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