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Launcher Trade Studies

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 7, 2005

NASA’s New Launch Systems May Include the Return of the Space Tug, SpaceRef (Part 2)

“NASA planners are finalizing the configuration for the next generation cargo heavy lift launch vehicles with announcement of its basic configuration due during the week of 15 August. An integral part of these studies includes upper stages and other hardware needed to move payloads once they are in space.”

NASA’s New CEV Launcher to Maximize Use of Space Shuttle Components ), SpaceRef (Part 1 – posted earlier this week)

“The decision on what new launch vehicles NASA plans to use is rapidly coming into focus. In some ways these launchers will be new – yet they will also look very familiar using hardware and concepts that have long and well-established flight histories. Internal NASA documents detailing the review, which was completed in late June, were obtained by the authors. A second, related study has reviewed heavy lift options using the same shuttle-derived elements.”

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