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Mike Griffin Seems To Be A little Confused

By Keith Cowing
September 26, 2007

Sputnik’s anniversary raises questions about future of space exploration, USA Today

“There’s less interest on the part of Americans in doing bold things,” acknowledges Griffin, who nonetheless argues that public support for further human exploration of the solar system remains strong. Griffin sees NASA’s $100 billion plan to return to the moon no sooner than a decade from now as an important first step in going to Mars.”

Editor’s note: With regard to “There’s less interest on the part of Americans in doing bold things”. Gee, Mike – if this is true, then please explain the surging popularity of extreme sports and other risky activities – and the media attention they draw. I would just love to see the data upon which you make these pronouncements. Conversely, Mike, if Americans are indeed less interested in “doing bold things”, then please explain why you think that they would support you spending $100 billion of their money on something they do not support (exploring the solar system is certainly a bold thing) – indeed, on something (trips to the Moon) that we already did more than a generation ago. Talk about a non sequitur.

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